Open-Bus GTFS Utils

GTFS Utils is a utility for reading, parsing and aggregating GTFS data from Israel MOT.


To use GTFS Stats script, run:

python install


GTFS Utils requires a configuration file config.json.
An example file can be found in gtfs_utils/config_example.json.


Use bucket_valid_file_name_regexp field in configuration to choose which dates to run the script on.
You can use a value such as "" to run on a single date, or "2019-05-\d\d\.zip" to run on a full month, for example.


Set forward_fill field in configuration to true for performing forward fill for missing dates using existing files.

Output format

GTFS Stats outputs stats for trips and for routes (trip_stats and route_stats, accordingly).
Each of them is output as a pkl.gz file (a gzipped pickle) of a Pandas DataFrame, and is located in the output directory, as defined in the configuration file.
The fields in each one of them are described in the output specifications below.